Finally, America Gets Great BBQ That Cares More About Flavor Than Volume

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You see, we're all about flavor. We want people to taste the best dang BBQ they ever tasted. But in order to do that, we can't cut corners that are typically made for mass production in restaurants.

So we take our time, and we do ALL the steps necessary for maximum flavor. The only problem is we can't produce a lot of it. So we created a system that gives anyone who wants to order their fair shot.

Here's How It Works:

Every week will be different in terms of what is offered. Some weeks may be brisket, some pork butt (pulled pork), some ribs, some get the point. Some weeks there may even be sides (but only if it is AMAZING!)

You get whole pieces. Just like how you would order a prepared whole turkey on Thanksgiving where you get back to your house and slice it up. Same concept. Except this is BBQ and it's most weekends.

Here's How To Order:

  1. Every Tuesday at 12PM ET / 9AM PT you'll receive an email for what is available to order for the week.

  2. In that email, you'll receive the password for that week which will allow you access to the store.

  3. Use that password at and place your order.

  4. When placing your order, you'll have the option to choose FREE SHIPPING or local delivery (Orlando, FL) when you checkout.

  5. We will accept orders through Thursdays at Midnight for the week or until sold out. Which ever comes first (we always sell out FYI)

  6. We ship all orders on Mondays unless Monday is a holiday, then Tuesday.

Supplies are limited so act fast. We sell out every week and very quickly due to the limited supply. There is no other way to order GHK Craft BBQ other than being on the list. So use the form below to get on the list today!

We are working on increasing our production WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY. But, even with a small increase, we still have more people who want to order than orders we can take. So get on the list and ACT FAST when the open cart email each week is sent.

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